Booking Terms and Conditions

Booking Terms and Conditions

Booking Process:

Bookings can be made by telephone or in person. All bookings require a £20.00 per person deposit at the time of booking to hold the date and time requested.  This deposit is non- refundable.


Covid-19, SARS-Cov-2 or any mutation of these:
Cancellation by you or any member of your group due to having or being affected by illness, including those listed above, will still follow the  cancellation terms below.

Your booking usually prevents others from booking at a specific time on a specific date and is therefore subject to a recognised cancellation policy for bookings.  This means that, once the booking is in place, your right to cancel without penalty ends.  Booking taken:-  Loss of deposit.

Our accepted date of cancellation is when your written cancellation is acknowledged in writing by us.  If catering or any other supply is included in the package, this may also be subject to cancellation charges.  Any reduction in numbers must also be in writing and acknowledged in writing by us to be considered valid.  Any changes in participant numbers are subject to the same cancellation charges as stated above.  Verbal changes and cancellations are not accepted in any circumstances.


If a booking is cancelled due to bad weather or any other unavoidable circumstances by the venue, including government restrictions, your booking will be rescheduled to a mutually convenient date for you and the venue.  You can choose a date up to three months after the original booked date.  Bookings where the supplier is still able to, and prepared to run the session, will not be eligible for re-scheduling.  In these circumstances, a customer’s decision not to take part  is deemed that the booking has been cancelled and charges as stated will apply.  Refunds are not applicable.

Group Bookings:

If the reduction in participants causes your group numbers to fall below the minimum requirement, the price for the minimum number will be charged regardless of attendees.  In addition to the re-pricing, cancellation charges apply to each person that is cancelled in a group booking.  A group that does not qualify for a discount at the time of booking, cannot acquire a discounted status by the addition of extra participants at a later date.  A booked ‘team’ classified event can add further teams to their booking subject to availability, but team sizes cannot be increased at a later date.  If a reduction in a group size result in the venue cancelling your event you will still be subject to cancellation charges.

Arrival Times:

You must be ready to take part in your booked activity 15 minutes prior to a designated ‘start-time’ to enable a full safety briefing to take place, unless advised otherwise on your booking confirmation.  The time stated on your confirmation is the start time not arrival time.  No participant may take part in any activity without first attending a pre-session safety briefing as designated by the individual activity provider.  The booking will normally be treated as a cancellation in the event of late arrival with the loss of all monies and the activity provider will turn you away, particularly if they have a busy schedule to meet.  This is their right to do so.  Your acceptance of this proviso forms part of any booking. Please take arrival times seriously allowing for any possible delays on route to the venue.