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Is there a minimum age to use a shotgun?

No. We generally find that 7 years is about the youngest.

Is it best to start with lessons?

Gun fit and eye dominance checks are crucial to a positive start.

Do I need a licence to try clay shooting?


Do I need any insurance?

Whilst under the supervision of the schools instructors, you are covered by the schools insurance.

Will it hurt?

No. Under proper instruction you are shown how to hold the gun properly, for beginners and small people we use a lighter gun (perhaps 20 gauge). Low recoil subsonic cartridges are also available but reaction to recoil varies from person to person.

What if I am a child or slight stature?

For beginners ladies and children (perhaps 20/28 or .410 gauge)

What happens if the weather is bad?

Most of our stands are under cover so you can keep dry.

Can I bring a friend?


Can I bring a group of friends or colleagues for a shooting session?

Yes, one member of the group must hold a current shotgun licence or the group must be accompanied by one of our instructors.

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