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“Quite simply, the best day’s shooting you will ever have!”

The day begins at 9.15am, on arrival you will be greeted by the Shoot Captain and then escorted to the site. You pair up and draw your peg numbers in the line. Your peg number changes on each drive, so you will experience several positions in the line throughout the day. Novices are paired up with experienced shooters but tuition and loan guns can also be supplied.

Then it’s off to the first drive at the foot of a hill, where Pegs with numbers mark out your positions in the line. One pair of shooters is at each Peg, one shooting and one loading, spotting and hopefully offering advice to their partner. Each partner in the pair will have a shoot at the drive and the commencement, ceasefire and changeover is signalled with a whistle. The Shoot Captain walks the line during drives, to ensure that everyone gets plenty of targets.

Obviously you can shoot at your own pace but each shooter will probably shoot between 70-100 cartridges per drive at hundreds of clays being delivered by multiple traps, in a massive flurry that simulates a specific quarry such as partridge, pheasant, grouse, duck etc.

There are three drives in the morning and two drives in the afternoon, each at different locations, so that is between 350-500 targets. Fibre Cartridges will be on sale or you may bring your own. Drinks, refreshments and nibbles are served between each drive and while you’re busy chatting and enjoying the day, the traps are being moved to the next drive. “You will shoot hundreds of cartridges at thousands of clays, for a fraction of the cost of a real game day.

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